HD colour camera with ultra-high sensitivity and zoom.

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EIZO SSZ-9700 is a color camcorder with very high sensitivity and a built-in 35x optical zoom lens.

It is useful in a variety of areas and applications where clear images are required, including low-light environments such as river ports, for monitoring natural disasters, law enforcement, and surveillance of points of interest.

SSZ-9700 captures color images even in extremely low light conditions, reaching as low as 0.004 lx.

Compared to a standard camcorder, it provides clearer images in dark environments or poor weather conditions.




  • Defogging

The camera is equipped with two functions to mitigate the impact of fog or haze on the image. This allows operators to more easily identify objects and discern important visual information.

Optical defogging - increases visibility by capturing images in the infrared region, making objects more recognizable to the human eye.

Digital defogging - The digital defogging feature stretches contrast by processing the image signal and adjusting the difference in brightness and color to make faint images more clear.


  • 2D/3D noise reduction

The camera features unique 2D/3D noise reduction for optimal SN ratio even at high gain settings.

  • HDR function

The camera is equipped with HDR to capture and combine multiple exposures, resulting in clear images with a wider dynamic range.

  • Wide connectivity

The SSZ-9700 is equipped with 3G-SDI and HDMI® connections with simultaneous output. It also features an RS-485 communication interface for seamless integration into advanced surveillance systems.

  • Compact size and weight

With a compact size of 95 x 95 x 165 mm (H x W x D) and a weight of only 1.5 kg, the SSZ-9700 can be easily installed in a small case.


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